Welcome to the Aragon Network DAO

At the frontier of technological innovation, the fate of humanity is being decided. This is your chance to shape it.

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Token (ANT)

Aragon Network Token

ANT is the main coordination mechanism of the AN DAO. ANT holders can make proposals and vote, and participate in dispute resolution, in the AN DAO and beyond.

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Aragon Network Token
DAO Structure
Aragon Network DAO Current Structure
Decorative Symbol

Main DAO

Open to all ANT holders. Make proposals and vote on the way we use the DAO’s Investment Vault, and the rules governing the community. Learn more

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Executive Sub-DAO

Elected committee that facilitates strategic alignment across the AN DAO and allocates funds from the Sub-DAO’s treasury (The Operations Vault).

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Compliance Sub-DAO

Elected committee that facilitates conversations on ethics, risk and sustainability, and is equipped with veto power to guard the network.

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Tech Committee

Elected committee that checks and integrates code submissions, and organises tech audits as needed.

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Aragon Court

Our dispute resolution mechanism, enabling all ANT holders to challenge malicious proposals and protect against 51% attacks.

AN DAO Charter

The Aragon Network DAO Charter

The official rules and agreements of the Aragon Network (aka what you’re committing to and how to participate).

Check the AN DAO Charter
Aragon Network DAO CHARTER
Charter Lines
Aragon Network DAO Charter
Dots Charter
July - September 2021

🧬 Vision for the DAO

Development of a Vision for the DAO with the Community.

27th September 2021

🗳️ Vote on the AN DAO Charter

Completed the first Voice Vote to approve the AN DAO Charter.

11th to 18th October 2021

🗳️ AN DAO Elections

Voice Vote from 11th to 18th of October 2021 for the elected committees.

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20th October 2021

🚀 AN DAO Experimental Launch

AN DAO launches into its testing phase, with incremental funding during Q4 and 2022.

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